viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

I Hate You

The worm stands victorious upon a field of rotten flesh.
The damned light slowly creeps from beneath the earth.
The sun dies, smothered by a shroud of liquid ashes.
This is the first of the many deaths of you.

Red. Ticking clock. Needles, steel, a surgical blade.
The Soft, the Pale, are opened in a swift burst. Maggots.
Wait. Slowly, everything is dragged outside, and shrivels.

A searing pain within. A struggle against yourself.
You go towards the wavering light in the sky.
And yet. The deep beckons. The air is torn from you.
And then its gone. And then you are gone.

Cold black blood covers the Eye.
Turn around, and look.
Small and slimy, lies your heart. Stab it.
Then you shall be free.

I hate you.

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